Thursday, February 17, 2011

Cut by Patricia McCormick

Callie cuts herself. She doesn't know why; she just knows it feels good to do it. Now she is in a treatment facility with other teen girls her age who also have issues. One of the girls nicknames Callie 'S.T.' for silent treatment because she doesn't speak to anyone. She doesn't want to talk about her brother's asthma, her mother's changed behavior, and her dad spending so much time at 'work.' She doesn't want to talk about anything. But we know what she is thinking because Callie tells us.

After seeing the author, Patricia McCormick, speak recently at a conference, I decided to read some of her books (since I never had before). This is the first one I found, and I plan to read more. I won't bore you by going on about how the author successfully tackles a difficult topic. I will say that I have a little better understanding about cutting and how people are affected by it. I also hope that anyone in Callie's position finds help and support they need.

Click here for more info about this book from the Westfield Washington Public Library.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Scott Pilgrim by Bryan Lee O'Malley

Maybe you've seen the movie Scott Pilgrim Vs. the World that was based on this series or maybe you haven't. Either way, this is worth a look. I should also mention that this is a graphic novel (with some manga influences).

Scott Pilgrim is 23 years old. He's between jobs and plays in a band. Oh, and he's dating a high schooler (named Knives Chau). Whether that's cool or not depends on which of his friends you ask. It doesn't matter for long because Scott meets Ramona. At first, he just sees her in the library, and then he lamely tries to talk to her at a party. For Scott to be Ramona's boyfriend, he must defeat her seven evil ex boyfriends. Defeating them is like winning a video game (really- its like Scott becomes a part of a video game). Ramona has dated some surprising people (an action movie star, a rock guitarist). Scott has also dated some interesting girls that he must also deal with. For awhile, Scott's life is pretty messed up.

Of the graphic novels I have read recently, this is my favorite. It is funny and has great characters. There are six volumes and (like a lot of graphic novels) is a quick read.

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Monday, February 14, 2011

Hate List by Jennifer Brown

Ever since the shootings at Columbine high school several years ago, schools have not been the same. It seems like every week we hear about someone taking a gun or knife to school. Hate List is the inside story of a school shooting.

Valerie's boyfriend is the shooter. He took a gun to school and opened fire hitting several students before turning the gun on himself. Valerie is scarred, metally and physically (she was shot, too). She must have know he would do it, right? She was his boyfriend - she had to know. But she also saved people, so some consider her a hero.

Her parents don't trust her and now she must go back to school and face all the people who think they know her and everything about her.

Only you will know what is really going on with Valerie. There are at least two sides to every story and this is hers.

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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Seth Baumgartner's Love Manifesto by Eric Luper

Seth is having a tough day. He is dumped by his girlfriend of 8 months during lunch at Applebee's (Yes, Applebee's). During the horrendous experience, he sees his dad having lunch with a strange woman and acting a little too cozy with her. As if that weren't enough, Seth is late back to work and is quickly fired (from his 4th job this summer).

He wants Veronica back and he wants to know who that woman was with his dad. And he really needs to find another job (at least that's what his dad keeps telling him). His friend Dimitri isn't much help (although Dimitri's annoying sister is).

Seth decides to create podcast to share all his relationship experiences (anonymously) in between perfectly selected songs. How long with Seth be able to keep keep his secret identity while more people start to listen? The way things are going for him...probably not too long.

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