Monday, August 13, 2012

Shine by Lauren Myracle

I wish I could say that I read this book because I heard it was wonderful and was highly recommended or I just know a good book when I see it. Not the case. In a few weeks (everything going as planned) I will have the opportunity to meet and speak with Lauren Myracle. I must confess I have never read one of her books. Of course, I have heard of her and I am familiar with her books, but I have never taken the time to read one. What magical process did I use to decide that this would be the first Lauren Myracle book I would read? It was the only one I could get my hands on for the weekend. And what a lucky bit of fate that turned out to be.

This is a powerful story about teen girl searching for the person (or persons) who brutally beat her former best friend Patrick. Cat has not spoken to Patrick or really anyone in three years. Something happened that caused her withdrew into herself leaving any friends she had behind including her brother Christian.

Cat had heard all the slurs aimed at Patrick. It's not easy to be openly homosexual in her small town, but Patrick withstood the scorn. Cat's brother and his friends welcomed Patrick into their group, but even some of them teased him about being gay. It was one night while Patrick was closing up at the convenience store that he was beaten and a gasoline nozzle shoved in his mouth. Now Patrick is in a coma, and the local police are getting nowhere with their investigation.

Cat must come out of her self imposed retreat to help Patrick, but some do not want Cat to find the truth. Cat has a miraculous journey along the way discovering new friends and rediscovering old ones and learning a lot about herself.

I highly recommend this book. I can't wait to find what else Lauren Myracle has written.

For more information about this book, check out the Evergreen Library catalog.

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