Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Eve & Adam by Michael Grant and Katherine Applegate

I was reading another book when this one came into my hands. I was just going to glance at the first page, but I continued to read. I cannot read more than one fiction book at a time, so I abandoned my other book and kept on reading this one.

Eve's mother is the incredibly wealthy and successful head of Spiker Biopharmaceuticals, a medical research company. We meet Eve just as she has be struck by a streetcar and had her leg severed and her arm crushed. She arrives at the hospital and receives treatment only to be taken away by her mother to the headquarters of her company.

In all the chaos, Eve meets Solo. He is there with her in the hospital, the ambulance and her new room. Is Solo her mother's intern? He's certainly too young to be a doctor. Is he some kind of genius? Whoever he is, Eve finds him annoying.

Solo, on the other hand, finds Eve intriguing. Yes, she is the boss's daughter, but she is so different than he imagined, so different from her mother who he despises. Solo lives at Spiker headquarters. He does odd jobs here and there, but basically has no significant responsibilities. That doesn't mean he is unintelligent. Solo has spent his free time exploring the whole building - finding all the exits, empty rooms and security cameras. At the right moment, he plans to expose all the questionable activities done by the company.

To keep Eve occupied, Eve's mother gives her a project - build the perfect boy. Using a sophisticated software program, Eve sets out to design Adam. Eve's best friend, Aislin, helps out (when she is reluctantly allowed to visit - Eve's mother hates Aislin calling her a 'drunken slut'). Even though Aislin's boyfriend is a drug dealer, Eve needs her best friend and helps her when she can.

There is much to ponder as the story unfolds: Why is Solo allowed to live in the facility? What illegal research is being done by the company? What is the purpose of making a fake perfect boy?

Some intrigue, some romance and a little sci-fi thrown in. Even though I was a little disappointed in the ending, it is an interesting concept. I hope the author's collaborate more.

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