Friday, March 15, 2013

Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson

Speak is a solemn, yet hopeful, story of a freshman girl named Melinda withdrawing into herself. Speaking is just too difficult sometimes. Remaining silent puzzles and frustrates her parents and teachers, but it is easier for Melinda than telling the truth.

She has never told anyone what happened at the end of the summer party. All that anyone remembers is that Melinda called the police and busted up the party. Now, even her former friends hate her.

Melinda finds some companionship in a new girl who knows nothing about the summer party, but Melinda just cannot be excited about the same things. She really finds school a bore. The only thing that interests her is art class and even it is sometimes an exercise in frustration.

There are moments of terror, too - when he is around (the one she calls IT). Just the sight of him would be bad enough, but when he speaks to her and even touches her it is too much to bear.

Her grades are awful and getting worse; she starts skipping classes; her parents do not understand what is happening and she can't tell them. She could just coast through her life, but when her ex-best friend starts dating IT can she really remain silent? It is one of many tough situations for Melinda.

I'm still asking myself why it took me so long to read this book. It is one of those landmark books that I have known about for a long time, but I never picked up. I'm glad I finally did.

For more info about this book, check out the Westfield Washington Public Library catalog and the author's site.


  1. I'm glad you liked it, great review! I might give it a try. :)

  2. I really need to read this! I saw the movie a few years ago and have wanted to read the book ever since but for some reason I still haven't.