Friday, January 13, 2012

Dark Parties by Sara Grant

Neva believes there is something beyond the Protectosphere, the large clear dome that covers the Homeland. The government denies that anything exists beyond the dome, but Neva's grandmother (one of the Missing) told her of the old days and what might be outside their world.

Neva and her friend Sanna want answers and plan to stage a small rebellion. They know things are changing. People disappear with no explanation and procreation is encouraged to help sustain the population.

And then there is Ethan who has not been the same since he was taken away by the police. He is no longer the guy Neva liked so much. For him, questioning the government is no longer an option. The attention of Braydon, Sanna's boyfriend, only confuses Neva more.

Is there another world beyond the Protectsphere? Neva hopes so, but she is not sure she has the courage to go that far.

For more info about this book from the Westfield Washington Public Library catalog, click here or visit Sara Grant's website.

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