Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Zero by Tom Leveen

Mike's eyes were the first thing she noticed. Even from his position up on stage behind the drums, his eyes were all Zero could focus on. She had never heard of Mike's band Gothic Rainbow, but they were good. Her best friend Jenn would tell Zero to speak to Mike. Jenn was the one with all the experience with guys. Zero had never really had a boyfriend. Too bad she was no longer talking to Jenn (putting an end to their plans of hanging out all summer until they left for college). 

Not that Zero's college plans had worked out. She'd been accepted to the Art Institute in Chicago, but failed to get the needed scholarship. No money meant staying in Phoenix and probably going to community college. It might also mean having to stay with her parents who did nothing but fight all the time.

Zero's summer takes a turn for the better when she decides to talk to Mike after the band's set. To her surprise, he is interested in her. He encourages her to pursue her art and go after what she wants like he is doing with the band. He wants a gold record and is working hard to get it. Gothic Rainbow is on the cusp of making it (at least in Phoenix). So if she wants to be an artist, she should go for it.

So she does. She takes a summer art class. She starts talking to Jenn again. She begins to appreciate her own curves instead of hiding behind baggy clothes. But things get messy again before it can get better.

Zero's hopes drive the story. He desire to get her life in the right direction keep things moving. She is a fascinating character that I cheered for and I hope you do, too.

For more information about this book, check out the Evergreen library catalog and the author's site.

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