Tuesday, September 11, 2012

How to Rock Braces and Glasses by Meg Haston

Once again, I dive into the world of teen girl angst. I have had this one on my to read pile for several months, and I finally decided I should get it back to the library.

So, we are following the life of Kacey Simon, popular girl. She gives out advice on the school's news broadcast and to anyone else within earshot any other time. She is quick to tell her clique what fashion mistakes they are making and why they should not be interested in a particular boys. That's where we are early in the story when Kacey's best friend Molly crushes on the new boy who happens to have a blue streak in his hair and wears skinny jeans. His jeans are reason enough for Kacey to caution Molly about pursuing him.

'Skinny Jeans' (real name: Zander) has overheard Kacey singing during rehearsal for the big school production of Guys and Dolls. He wants Kacey to be his rock group's new lead singer.

OK, we pause here because so far this story must sound like nothing out of the ordinary. You can see the complications of Kacey being in a band with the guy her best friend likes. There are also issues with the play because Kacey likes her leading man, Quinn, who she gets to kiss on stage. Potential girl angst ahead.

Here is the catch in all of this (big surprise - its in the title of the book): Kacey gets glasses and braces - both at the same time. One day she is at school being super popular and the next (ok, maybe there's a weekend in there) she is wearing huge glasses and lisping through her new braces. How can she do her broadcast and be on stage when she is being laughed at for lisping?

How much of her life does she lose? I'm not going to tell you that. I will say that she ends up hanging out with her neighbor (and former best friend) who offers to help Kacey return to her former status.

If you like this one, the sequel How to Rock Break Up and Make Ups is coming out this month.

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