Saturday, November 9, 2013

Winger by Andrew Smith

Ryan Dean West does not always make the best decisions. If he did, he would not have ended up in Opportunity Hall ("the dorm where they stuck the really bad kids"). He hacked a cell phone account...a teacher's account...on a stolen phone. Now he must room with a thug named Chas and live with 10 other rule breakers at Pine Mountain. Also, Ryan Dean is a 14 year old junior making him two years younger than everyone else in his class.

Ryan Dean has somethings going for him. He is on the rugby team with his two friends (and former room mates). He lives for rugby and is good at it. He is totally in love with his best friend, Annie, although she considers him just a little boy.

So Ryan Dean makes his life more difficult by...always pointing out how hot girls are (and women, too). Of course, this is what some guys do, but if he ever wants to convince Annie to be his girlfriend he should be more tactful.

What else..Ryan Dean taunts guys much bigger and meaner and angrier than he is. He pushes the limit even as his friend and teammate, Joey, constantly tells him to do better.

Hanging out in Ryan Dean's world makes for quite an adventure. Even though he can be jerk, he is likable and often means well. He just hasn't found his way, but he tries.

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