Friday, April 25, 2014

Thousand Words by Jennifer Brown

Ashleigh did something stupid. Her boyfriend, Kaleb, is headed off to college soon, but instead of being with her at the big end of the summer party he is with his baseball buddies. It's happened a lot lately and Ashleigh just wants to get his attention, so her friends talk her into texting him a nude photo of herself. He's the only one who will ever see it, right?

Several months later we find Ashleigh spending time after school doing community service for her 'crime' (did I mention she was underage?). She must research the topic of her indiscretion and write a pamphlet that will be used to dissuade others from doing the same thing she did.

Her life is kind of mess. Her best friend isn't speaking to her. Her mom is disappointed. Her dad is furious (he's the superintendent and now has parents calling for his resignation over the texting scandal). And the kids who are not straight out bullying Ashleigh are talking about her and looking at the picture.

One mistake and Ashleigh's life has totally changed. Is it fair, probably not. Is it a lesson for others, yes.

For more info, check out the Evergreen library catalog and the author's site.


  1. Guybrarian: How do I send you a review request and are you accepting them?

    1. I do not accept requests for my blog. Best of luck on your writing.