Saturday, November 26, 2011

The Future of Us by Jay Asher & Carolyn Mackler

It is 1996 and the internet is a new thing for high school students. Emma gets her first computer and finds that she can log into this strange website called Facebook. She quickly realizes that she is looking at her own life 15 years in the future. Her neighbor and longtime best friend Josh is not so easily convinced and believes it is just a prank. He totally changes his mind when his Facebook page reveals that he will marry one of the hottest girls in school.

No explanation is given as to why Emma can see her future Facebook page, but it has always been my personal philosophy that if you give me a premise I will go along. I only have problems when you stray from the original premise.

Facebook is used here as a way to make these two characters think about what they are doing in the present. Knowing what could happen to them in their futures is powerful and confusing. Should they look up their friends to see what happens to them (and then tell them)? Should they stop looking at Facebook once they realize their current day actions can actually change their future lives? Emma and Josh deal with these questions and a lot more (including the romantic tension between them).

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