Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Rainbow Boys by Alex Sanchez

Whenever I read one of Alex Sanchez's books, I am reminded that teens, no matter what their sexual orientation, struggle with of the many of the same issues. They want to date, hold hands, have that first kiss, and find the special someone. That want to be accepted and respected by their parents and fellow students. They just want to be treated fairly.

This story follows the lives of three high school boys who are gay.

Nelson is out to everyone. He often does things (like dye his hair green) that draws attention to himself. He just wants a relationship and makes impulsive choices in hopes of finding acceptance.

Kyle is confused. He knows what he feels, and has told a few people. He has a crush on the popular jock. He also is afraid what his parents will say when he finally tells them.

Jason is in total denial. He is the football star with the beautiful girlfriend. He questions his feelings and what it would mean if they are true.

If you like this book, there are two sequels: Rainbow High and Rainbow Road.

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